Professional 360 and VR shooting from «A» to «Z»

Professional 360 and VR shooting from «A» to «Z»

Many people call 2021 the year of virtual reality. In many technologies, the future belongs to content, in the sense that if it does not exist, then there is no future. That is why we offer 3D modeling for VR to explore the possibilities of «video 360» (or, in other words, panoramic video) in relation to VR — technologies of virtual and augmented reality.

Now, apparently, the boom «360 video» begins — many sites and video hosting already support panoramic mode — YouTube, Facebook, LittlStar, Kolor, and a number of others. Many amateurs began to shoot panoramic video without waiting for the cameras to come out — with the help of special rigs, into which a large number of GoPro, Xiaomi, etc. cameras are inserted. Subsequently, video from these cameras is stitched together in special software.

Everything is filmed in the 360 ​​video format — from rock concerts to church services, from museums and excursions to technological processes. The largest IT giants and manufacturers of photo and video equipment, sensing the trend, have developed their solutions in this area. In any business, the need for professional 360 and VR shooting is now beginning to appear. It will help you rise above the competition and make a significant leap forward in the presentation of your company to the market. So, you can order professional 360 and VR shooting for you on 360 AND VR SHOOTING. Our professionals can help you to change the image of your company in this world.

We offer:

  • VR video shooting
  • VR tours development
  • 360 degrees photography
  • VR programming

For your cervice there is an option of Online Calculator for prelimenary budgeting of your desired order. Also you can see our Portfolio. If have any questions please contac us by e-mail:

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